About our Mermaids


Aloha MAI...I'm Mermaid Momi. I love adventures and finding shells all over the OCEAN. Whenever I find a special shell, I hold it close and remember the moment I am in and where I am, so that I can attach the memory to the shell. I have quite the shell collection. I also make jewelry from my shells and my merkeiki help me too! It is such a joy to share my shell art and my favorite places with my merkeiki. I would love to show you some of my favorite mermaid places too!



Hi I’m Mermaid Mahina. I come from a large family of mersisters and merbrothers. We stay busy playing with whales, turtles and dolphins along the ocean floor. I love to come to land and share others how to swim like a mermaid, it's in my nature to love everyone as if they were my own family. Nothing would bring me more happiness than to spend time with you and share my mermaid secrets.



Aloha I'm Mermaid Hoku... I come from the shores of Lahaina, where I grew up eating the best fish the ocean can provide. My mermaid mission is to keep our fish healthy and safe as well as the ocean and beaches. We grew up only taking what we need, never being greedy and ate the entire fish! We still practice this golden rule today. My mermom also taught us to leave the beach and ocean better than we found it. So if you ever see trash, make sure to pack it up when you leave. I look forward to swimming and playing with you!