My Story

E Komo Mai! 

Aloha, my name is Sarah. I dreamt up Mermaids on Maui in 2012. My deep love for the ocean and respect for the Hawaiian culture is tied together perfectly through the art of mermaiding. As a mother of four, I strive to nurture each mermaid or merman to shoot for the stars, and always believe in all the endless opportunities life has to offer. To me, mermaiding signifies igniting the imagination and allowing yourself to truly radiate and glow from within. 



Mermaid Friendships

We were recently invited to a birthday party in Kapalua, where we witnessed beautiful friendships. The birthday girl herself showed so much love and kindness proving herself to be a real mermaid and giving us a reflective mermaid experience. Although it was HER day she...

Mermaid hanalei bay experience
Hanalei Bay Mermaid Experience

Each mermaid experience has been so very different, each playing a different song in our hearts. One of my favorites was on the island of Kaua’i. A very special family came to visit and after weeks of planning Mermaid Malie and I finally caught our...

The dangers of the full moon – Momi’s story

My mother was full of stories growing up, I sometimes found myself wondering if they were true or not. If you ask her she’d say,  “Starfish, of course they are true, every single one is true”. Little did I know I would soon unlock the...