17 Sep Crowned

She is crowned as Miss Wheelchair Hawaii and is using her Spinal Cord Injury to empower others. She is inspiring, talented, and radiant. She is a mother, a wife, motivational speaker and fitness coach. She is Sarah Foley.

This is just a piece of Sarah’s blooming transformation. Six years ago Sarah’s life took a traumatic turn during a four-wheeling accident in Utah. While driving down a mountain the vehicle headed off the cliff, flipped and landed on her.

 “All I heard was the crunch of bones breaking, I woke up in the hospital paralyzed from the waist down”  she recalls.

Determined to recover and return to her “normal” life. She became obsessed with the idea of being “vertical”. She wanted to push through, act like it never happened and live her life vertically.

“I thought this was the new life that I had to accept,” she said. “I would look in the mirror say, ‘There’s no such thing as being sexy in a wheelchair.’”

Then something inside her changed. She learned how to be in relationship with her wheelchair. Instead of fighting her circumstances she began to embrace them. No longer a victim, Sarah became a conqueror and now has an open, loving relationship with her wheelchair.

“If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change” a Wayne Dyer quote she loves.

With a new found freedom she began a blog called the Vertical Blonde to share her struggles and victories. She encourages others in wheelchairs or disabilities to believe in “future possibilities”. 

In February 2018 Sarah launched, the Vertical Beauty Project. A project Sarah along with  volunteers collaborate  in a celebration of beauty. Capturing woman with disabilities, specifically Spinal Cord Injury giving them a makeover and photoshoot fit for royalty. 

Recently Mermaids On Maui and photographer Juniper Ruby collaborated with Sarah on a Vertical Beauty Project. We gathered at sunset, dressed up Sarah in a beautiful Mertailor tail along with other mermaid accessories. The glow of self confidence, empowerment and hope was breathtaking. This is what Mermaids On Maui is all about. We love to create safe spaces where you will feel free, beautiful and bold. In these moments we are reminded that life is limitless. 

Her writings and videos are truly uplifting. I may not have a”physical disability” but I have had a harder than usual life. Somedays I might struggle with self doubt, negative thoughts or low self confidence. Lately, watching her VLOG (every Tuesday HST 2pm) inspires me to push my own limits. Please check her out, you won’t be disappointed

Book your Mermaid adventure and seas the day! Remember to wear your crown of beauty.

XOXO Sarah Jones-Malaqui
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