Hanalei Bay Mermaid Experience

Mermaid hanalei bay experience

27 Apr Hanalei Bay Mermaid Experience

Mermaid hanalei bay experience

Each mermaid experience has been so very different, each playing a different song in our hearts. One of my favorites was on the island of Kaua’i. A very special family came to visit and after weeks of planning Mermaid Malie and I finally caught our flight from Kahului to Lihue.

The day was beautiful, clear skies and excitement filled the air. We were thrilled to meet a 5 year old girl named Ashley. Ashley loved mermaids and was given a special shell necklace, months before our adventure. Her parents gave her this special necklace to call upon and wish for a mermaid. So she did… she rubbed the shell upon her necklace and wished her wishes…

In the meantime we were on our way to Hanalei Bay. Mermaid Malie and I set up along the beach to surprise Ashley for a visit full of love and fun. In a distance we could see a little girl. First she skipped along the shore. Then she must have spotted us cause she started running and waving towards Malie. The joy in her eyes and her big smile was all a mermaid could ask for!

Ashley ran into Malie’s arms like a long lost friend. Ashley full of happiness seemed comfortable and connected to Malie right away. They played in the sand, talked story and picked shells like they had known each other for years… Ashley literally danced and floated around like a mermaid fairy.

As our time came to a close Ashley jumped in the ocean and asked Malie to swim for her. Malie swam around flipping her tail as Ashley jumped and splashed along side her. Both of them laughing up a storm. They hugged one another for a while whispering mermaid secrets… and just like that it was time to say good bye. The family slowly left the beach walking back to their resort, Mermaid Malie swam away waving to Ashley as they disappeared from each other sight.

I loved sharing this experience and witnessing the love and affection between Mermaid and little girl. It reminds me of my little girl days when I dared to dream everyday. Waking up to new adventures and just soaking up every opportunity of fun! From what I hear, Ashley has her shell necklace hanging in a frame. Apparently you can only use your mermaid wish once, but maybe just maybe she might be able to use it again…We will have to see 🙂

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