in LOVE with a Mermaid~ Her Beauty Inside and Out

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30 Aug in LOVE with a Mermaid~ Her Beauty Inside and Out

7.5 BILLION humans on the Planet, and of course I’m deeply in LOVE with a Mermaid. Overflowing with an intrinsic Beauty, impeccable Style and such humble Grace, She is so Amazing! How she delights my Soul, truly! Our Chemistry is real and palpable. There is an undeniably strong Attraction between us.
In the Beginning we swam and played together frequently, but one day in my excitement, I hugged her and I think I may have squeezed too hard. Mermaids are not only accustomed to their Freedom, they’re also Really Slippery. She slipped out of my arms and swam away. I keep heading down to the Ocean, trying to coax her back to let her know She is Safe. But She doesn’t swim as closely these days, I must have scared her. I also know She is busy doing a lot of Stuff; Postive, Changes the World for the Better kind of Stuff.
I’ve always known that I couldn’t cage or confine Her. Honestly, I never wanted to. Her Freedom is an essential component to Her Beauty.
Simply, I had hoped to swim alongside Her for a while, admire the way She moves through this World (some legit Magic!). Show her how it feels to be in Love with a Mermaid.
Briefly, I considered seeking out a Witch with whom to exchange my Voice for some Fins, but then how would I tell Her how stunningly beautiful She is? How just one of Her smiles melts my whole heart? How would I sing her these Songs of Freedom and Love?
~Written by Shestin Gibeau

“In stories, poems and myths, hearing a mermaids’s song was considered a haunting and hazardous experience. Typically, it lured the listener to toss aside safety and sometimes his or her whole, known world, and plunge into the waves. Such a leap could bring doom or it could bring salvation. Sometimes it brought both. The mermaid’s song inevitably calls us to the unknown, to the impassioned world of change and possibility. Ultimately mermaids persist in the imagination because they represent a primal human need: to dive deep into the mystery of our un-lived life.”
~Sue Monk Kidd

Have you ever been in LOVE with a Mermaid?

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