Mermaid In Me

19 Feb Mermaid In Me

Mermaid In Me…

I met a mermaid from a faraway sea,
she had glistening deep eyes,
hair long and free.

Her skin was golden
as if kissed by the sun,
her smile was contagious
and full of fun.

I couldn’t believe this was happening to me,
Here I was spending time with a mermaid
on a white sandy beach!

“Mermaid, how do you swim so far
across the deep seas?”
“Slow and steady,
that I may relish the beauty I see”.

“Mermaid, Mermaid
do you have any friends in the ocean
to keep you company?”
“Yes, the whales, dolphins,
fish and so much more are
loved by me.”

We spoke as if we were best friends
and time seemed to stand still.
We sang songs, shared secrets,
and it was all surreal.

Her voice was warm,
her tail so colorful and bright.
She was so amazing,
I wished I was a mermaid with all my might. . .

“Dearest Mermaid,
how you inspire me!”
She laughed and softly whispered,
“Silly girl,
don’t you see?
You are a reflection of me!”


Written by: Sarah

Photography by: Chris Stankis



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