Mermaid Mobile Craft

30 Sep Mermaid Mobile Craft

I have just finished my mermaid mobile craft for baby Maliko. It’s been a busy season, getting into the swing of second grade with Kawainaulu, potty training Ma’alahi who just turned 2, planning some big MERMAID Dreams and somehow I squeezed out this little project. Maliko is now 4 months and she is soaking up all that surrounds her. One day as I was making a mermaid doll, I took some yarn and let the wind blow it from side to side, baby screamed and kicked, her happiness got me inspired! So the next day I started her “Mermaid Mobile Craft”, a week later… WAALAAAAA!


Here’s the materials I used:
~ 3, 18 gauge, paper stem wires
~ white & coral lace
~ 24 gauge craft wire
~ maui shells, coral
~ 1 starfish, 2 larger clam shells from Ben Franklin
~ 4 blue recycled sea glass beads from Aloha Bead Company
~ 2 feathers from Ben Franklin
~ fish line 4 lbs & 10 lbs
~ three 1” pieces of hemp
~ tacky glue
~ wire cutters


I took the paper stem wires and wrapped them around each other making one large circle. (You can adjust the size to you’re liking.) At the ends of the wire I wrapped the pieces of 1” hemp around with glue so no pokies were poking out. Let that dry for 30 minutes. Then I used a roll of white lace and wrapped it around my circle, making it pretty. (I left extra lace at the knots to add to the flowy look. )

Next I used the lighter 4 pound fish line and added the shells, coral, beads and starfish. I made strands all different lengths. There are 5 strands total. Clam shells were wire wrapped with 24 gauge craft wire and then added. The feathers are wire wrapped on the top hard point of the feather. With extra wire simply loop the feather wherever you wish on the main large circle. The heavier 4 pond fish line was used at the top of large circle to hang the mobile. I simply knotted at 4 sections to distribute the weight, taking all four strands and making a large loop to hang. Then I added a pop of coral lace to really get her attention. And all pau!

Baby Happiness

I am so over the moon with this little mermaid mobile. I hung it up and she loved it instantly!!! She literally put her self to sleep with it. Just talking story and looking up at her shells and lace, which gave me time to write this so I can share with all of you. xxx

PS. average time is a couple hours, mommy time = 1 week:)

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