About Mermaids on Maui

Welcome to Mermaids On Maui, where memories  last a lifetime.  Our goal is to Inspire, Educate and Ignite.

Mermaids On Maui provides a host of different services to engage with the youth and the children at heart! We offer a safe, fun and encouraging environment. Striving to INSPIRE children to use their creativity through story telling, crafts and activities such as transforming into the best mermaid or mermen they can be. You no longer have to imagine you’re a mermaid, we can make those dreams a reality. Come swim with a Maui Mermaid in your very own mermaid tail, exploring the beautiful Hawaiian waters. We aim to EDUCATE the youth in caring for the ocean and all of our natural rescources. Here in Hawai’i we often say “Aloha ‘Aina” it means to love and honor the land. We try to perpetuate Hawaiian culture and Hawaiian language with hopes that you may swim away with a deeper love and knowledge gained from your experience with us. Mermaids On Maui will IGNITE the Mermaid in you! Being a mermaid is a choice and sometimes the most precious treasures we seek can be found within…



Mahalo for visiting us and we can’t wait to See you in the Sea! Call our shell phone to schedule your underwater adventure. (808) 281-3221 WE are a Happy affiliate of The Mertailor. Please visit www.themertailor.com for the latest Mermaid Fashion!