Summer Love, Mermaid Proposal

01 Sep Summer Love, Mermaid Proposal

Summer Love, Mermaid Proposal


As the Summer ends I’m still left swooning over our Mermaid Proposal.

She loved all things magical, all things mermaid and he adored her for it. It was their first trip to Hawai’i and Erin wanted to set up a special engagement for his girlfriend, Erinn. What impressed me was his effort and thought about the details. He went above and beyond and I believe it a great sign for a beautiful future together. He had a vision and we were honored to be a part of it.


We planned a surprise Sunset Mermaid Photoshoot. Erin has never worn a mermaid tail before this evening and she was thrilled to be in Mermaid attire… Mahina and Erinn took pictures with the amazing deep blue Pacific ocean as the backdrop. It was a perfect Maui evening. Little did she know another surprise was just minutes away. As the sun began to set. Erin waited patiently with his heart in his hand along with a shell that held a stunning Tahitian Pearl ring! What mermaid doesn’t la-la-LOVE pearls?


Mermaid Mahina gave Erinn a message in the bottle, she had found it in the ocean and brought it to shore. He waited as she read her letter. A letter of his longing, a letter of his love, a letter of their lives. Tears ran down her face and as she read the last words, she looked over her shoulder to see him kneeling down heart and hand open. He asked and she said YES.


The love between these two. The deep friendship and support they have for one another was just a dream to witness. They are two wholes uniting into one. A sacred journey of bravery, devotion and commitment. Erin and Erinn we pray for many blessings on your journey together!



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